Our Principles

Clean Ingredients

We put only the highest quality natural and organic superfoods in our products. Our plant based ingredients are heavy-metal-tested, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Ancient Wisdom

We take inspiration from the Ayurvedic principles that have been used for thousands of years to support women's health.

Backed by Science

The nutritional value and benefits of each ingredient is backed by science and research.

Made For You

Support At Every Stage of Womanhood

Whether you are preparing your body to conceive, or looking for postpartum mood support, we've got you covered. Our functional blends help you thrive worry-free through every stage of motherhood.  

Our Story

Shruti started Freshly Moms when she noticed a lack of clean motherhood support during her own postpartum recovery. All she could find was lactation cookies and bars which did little beyond increasing the milk quantity. Being from a culture where a new mother's recovery is a primary focus, she got obsessed with spreading awareness about the importance of nourishing a new mother.

Freshly Moms started in 2018, and has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of women in perinatal stage. We have built a strong community based on transparency and trust, and would love to be a part of your motherhood journey too!

  • Shruti Mishra - Founder

    Shruti Mishra - Founder

    Shruti is a plant-based wellness chef and a mother of two. She is a graduate of Natural Gourmet Institute and Institute for Integrative Nutrition, with over a decade of experience in creating health-focused recipes. Shruti is also a Pilates mat instructor and an avid yogi.

  • Sunny Rose Healey, AP

    Sunny Rose Healey, AP

    Advisor, Board Certified Ayurvedic Practioner (NAMA)

    Sunny is the founder of Mamayurveda and has been on the faculty at the Ayurvedic Institute since 2009. She helps women with hands-on self healing and one-on-one programs for preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and all of life transitions.

  • Jasmine Kaur - Advisor

    Jasmine Kaur - Advisor

    Jasmine is a Food Science graduate from McGill University and has worked extensively in the food and beverage industry. She is experienced in handling food manufacturing operations and developing quality and safety procedures.