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For the smoothie lover moms, this 100% organic and nourishing blend of lactation superfoods will power up your day and get the milk flowing. Made with only natural ingredients traditionally used to support healthy lactation, this mix contains no sugar or artificial sweetener, giving you the freedom to use your favorite smoothie flavors. It blends perfectly with fruit smoothies as well as chocolate-based smoothies.

This miracle blend is made with ingredients which are truly beneficial for postpartum mothers:

Fenugreek Seeds: promote healthy lactation, can more than double breast milk supply with only 1 tsp per day

Fennel Seeds: support lactation and digestion, rich in iron and fiber

Moringa Leaf: Boosts milk production and is an excellent source of many vital nutrients like calcium, protein, vitamin A etc.

Ashwagandha Root: promotes restful sleep, boosts immunity and cognitive functions and reduces stress

Turmeric Root: anti-inflammatory, reduces clogging of milk ducts, boosts immunity, supports digestion

Shatavari: Supports healthy lactation, promotes vitality and strength

Black Pepper (<2%): Just a pinch added to enhance curcumin (present in turmeric) absorption

  • 10 servings
  • 100% Organic
  • No sugar or sweeteners
  • Blend of only powdered raw ingredients without any additional processing to retain maximum nutrients
  • Contains a pinch of black pepper to enhance curcumin absorption
  • Directions: Mix 2 tsp in your favorite smoothie and blend for 30 seconds or until smooth. For added lactation support, add rolled oats to thicken the smoothie.

Check out 4 recipes for making ultimate lactation smoothies that also nourish.

Ingredients: Organic Fennel Seeds, Organic Fenugreek Seeds, Organic Moringa Leaves, Organic Turmeric Root, Organic Ashwagandha Root, Organic Shatavari, Less than 2% of Organic Black Pepper

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