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Organic Lactation and Postpartum Capsules

Promotes Lactation/Breastfeeding, Postpartum Recovery, and Mood Support

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60 Vegan Capsules | 1 month supply
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Clean, Powerful Ingredients – Nature’s best ingredients come together to provide energy, healing, balance, and nourishment to postpartum mothers to help them maintain breastmilk supply and recover post-birth.

Natural Lactation Support – Proven galactagogues such as Moringa Leaf, Blessed Thistle, and Fennel are not only milk-enhancing ingredients but also help to encourage energy and vitality as a rich source of nutrients.

Supports All Aspects of Postpartum Health – Postpartum is a time of recovery and healing as the body tries to restore and return to balance. Powerful herbs such as Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Raspberry Leaf encourage hormonal balance, cell rebuilding, and adequate energy levels.

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    As with all dietary supplements and herbs, please consult with your physician before use if you are breastfeeding, already pregnant, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. Keep out of reach of children. 

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    Buy it

    Naina on Aug 02, 2022 | Verified Purchase

    Good product. Love this company mission of bringing Ayurveda into our regular routine. Loved speaking to Shruti personally. Very knowledgebale and she cares about the issues a new mom faces.

    Fenugreek Free Support

    Sweta on Aug 01, 2022| Verified Purchase

    I love how these capsules are fenugreek free. I have tried capsules with fenugreek earlier and have regretted the feeling after having them. It also made my baby uncomfortable. I love this one though and how easy it is to include in the routine

    Helps me with postpartum symptoms

    Liz on Jul 30, 2022| Verified Purchase

    This really helped me with anxiety and postpartum stress. In my second pregnancy I felt more exhausted and out of energy. My doula suggested these capsules under a pilot study that the company was doing. I am glad I tried them. They keep me energetic and have helped with my milk production.


    Who needs these lactation capsules?

    The lactation capsules are used to help moms maintain/increase supply. These capsules may also help with relieving postpartum issues like sleeplessness, stress, and mood.

    My supply is low, how frequently should I take this?

    If you have low supply, we recommend taking 4 capsules for the next 4 days. Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening. We recommend taking them at least 4 hours before bed time. Also please consume them with Golden Milk for Motherhood for maximum absorption of the herbs.

    Are these fenugreek free?

    Yes, our capsules are fenugreek free and are made with organic ingredients in an FDA certified facility in USA

    I have a good supply, can I take these capsules?

    Yes, ingredients like ashwagandha, shatavari and moringa help to provide proper hormonal and sleep support to moms. Also it helps in maintaining your good supply.

    When should I start the capsules and for how long?

    We recommend starting the capsules 1 day after birth along with Golden Milk for Motherhood. These capsules help with postpartum recovery and help in providing hormonal support.

    Made With Research-Backed Functional Ingredients

    Shatavari Root

    This is Ayurveda’s classic women’s support herb. It is known for supporting healthy hormones and milk supply.

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    Blessed Thistle

    Blessed thistle has a long history of traditional use by midwives for supporting healthy breast milk production.

    See Research

    Moringa Leaf

    Moringa leaf is one of Ayurveda’s most well-known superfoods. Besides being one of the most potent galactagogues, Moringa is also rich in vitamins and minerals which support energy and vitality.

    See Research

    Ashwagandha Root

    Ayurveda's classic adaptogen, Ashwagandha has a unique ability to energize and relax. It promotes restful sleep and helps reduce postpartum anxiety.

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    Fennel Seed

    Fennel is considered helpful for improving the volume of milk produced as well as increasing its fat content (demonstrated in animal studies).

    See Research

    Postpartum has many facets and can be a beautiful but overwhelming time. Breast milk supply is often a concern of new mothers, which is why we used powerful, known galactagogues like Moringa Leaf, Blessed Thistle, and Fennel to enrich our capsules with milk-boosting qualities.

    Healing, balance, and restoration of body and mind are other important fourth-trimester concerns. Our blend of plant-based herbs and ingredients works to promote energy, support restful sleep, encourage cell health and rebuilding, and restore hormone levels for a soothed body and mind.


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